What Is The Best JavaScript/jQuery Datepicker Plugin?

Surprisingly, there is so many good datepicker plugins, both jQuery or plain JavaScript, you might get headache to choose one.

At first, you don’t find in the table paid plugins, only free.

Again, it depends a lot on your recommendation. Here are Bootstrap variations, jQueryUI dependent, or plain JavaScript, too.

Timepicker might be important criterium, not all contain this feature.

JavaScript/jQuery Datepicker Plugins Comparison

Name Dependency Size Timepicker Note
bootstrap-datepicker jQuery, Bootstrap (only CSS) 33kB (JS)
16kB (CSS)
no Nice configuration site.
Bootstrap 3 Datepicker jQuery, Moment, Bootstrap (JS) 38kB (JS)
8kB (CSS)
yes Too much dependencies. Clear, well structured docs.
Datepicker (fengyuanchen) jQuery 18kB (JS)
4kB (CSS)
no Simple, but rich plugin. More examples is missing.
Datepicker (qodesmith) no 9kB (JS)
5kB (CSS)
no Contains very, very basic settings. Demo is missing, only GitHub repository.
datepickr no 7kB (JS)
2kB (CSS)
no Very similar to the previous one. But demo si presented.
flatpickr no 46kB (JS)
21kB (CSS)
yes Extensions available. On GitHub, there are missing compiled and compressed JS and CSS.
jQueryUI Datepicker jQuery, jQueryUI 61kB (JS)
22kB (CSS)
no jQueryUI is maintained, well documented, with many advanced settings available.
pickadate jQuery 22kB (JS)
2kB (CSS)
yes Unconventional attitude to animation.
pikaday no 15kB (JS)
2kB (CSS)
no Only GitHub repository, more demos can be downloaded.
rome no 69kB (JS)
2kB (CSS)
yes Months are not translatable!


Flatpickr provides nice CSS styling theme out of box.

Pickadate animate calendar in a completely original way.

jQueryUI datepicker is always safe choice, when you want to be sure, everything works fine.

Finally, bootstrap-datepicker is well documented with great configuration site.

Which one do you use?