Discord – How I Discovered New Powerful Tool

It’s where your world talks. Discord is a voice, video and text communication service.

As a web developer I use daily many different applications to organize and speed up my work process to be as efficient as possible.

However when the client told me about the discord as his main tool to run business I opened eyes widely and started to Google what the term stands for.

What Discord Is?

Discord is real-time video, voice and chat platform established in 2015 by Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy. They had a problem: How to efficiently communicate with friends around the world while playing games online.

The goal was to create simple to use application with powerful tools enhancing the connection among the members. User interface is very similar to Slack, actually duplicate is better term.

Firstly it was used mainly by the gaming communities like Call of Duty:Warzone LFG. Discord is invite-only system so you have total control who joins. Nowadays school clubs, non-profit organizations or small groups of people use it daily.

It is usually divided into chat and voice/video channels but all the hierarchy is up to a moderator team. You can see some real screenshots from above mentioned CoD discord here.

Discord for Business

Community of players has grown rapidly and in only few months thousands of gamers from all around the world joined the discord.

If you have time to moderate the flow, provide support and add new tools like bot functionalities, people like it and will return regularly.

Suddenly you get a huge database of contacts, imagine newsletter or some other common marketing service.

Sooner or later you get at the crossroads, how to benefit and make it a real business?

It depends on the topic, but discord is nice, very intuitive tool to create private communities and connect with other members with voice or chat.

The first idea cannot be necesarily business one but who knows?

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