Call of Duty – Legendary PC Game Still at the Top

It is about 15 years since I played CoD actively, a lot of things have changed.

The World War II topic in the first Call of Duty game series was impressive. I enjoyed to go back in the time and be the part of the events which formed the world we live in now.

Internet took dominant place in our era and the eSports is only one of the many areas profited from it.

I can’t remember exactly, what parameters PC on which I used to play had, but the internet connection, slim monitors, 16GB RAM thoughts looked as a good joke to tell friends.

Nowadays, when I profesionally return, at least for short period of time, to gaming sector, I am impressed about the evolution. I don’t play any more, rather to call myself theoretist.

Communities Play Together

Multiplayer and accessible and fast internet connection brought new ways how to enjoy game and find new teammates from all around the world.

Even more, you can talk to each other, stream your gameplay live or share the best video moments in social media.

Statistics are made from each single game. Many different properties and attributes evaluated and compared against other players. Of course, free or even paid tournaments bring more fun and entertainment.

There is not PC the only device in the marketplace, while Xbox and Playstation are widely spread.

Next Generation

Let the upcoming generation discover fun with friends at the acceptable level, I just reminisce what my game time was in the past.

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