What Is the Best JavaScript/jQuery Slider Plugin?

If using jQuery or plain JavaScript solution is need, in this comparison you can find a slider, which fits best.

The most important criterium for the selection was “mobile-friendly”, all plugins must be responsive. Others are not included, because there is a very small range of use for desktop-only plugins.

Many responsive plugins only fits the browser resolution, but doesn’t support touch gestures, espesially swipe. For better UX it is definitely handy, that’s why you find the information in the table.

Another critical criterium was the price. Paid plugins miss, too. All mentioned are free to use in any type of project.

Furthermore, all plugins can work with not only images, but also with any other HTML content, e.g. paragraph used for captions.

Enough words, let’s see table:

JavaScript/jQuery Slider Plugins Comparison

Name Dependency Size Swipe Note
bxSlider jQuery 23kB (JS)
3kB (CSS)
 yes Docs could be improved with more examples.
lightSlider jQuery 16kB (JS)
6kB (CSS)
 yes Docs is also bit messy. Integration with lightGallery is big plus.
Lory no 7,5kB (JS)
282B (CSS)
yes Missing fading transition, auto loop, pause on hover!
Slippry jQuery 13kB (JS)
6kB (CSS)
 no Nice kenburns transition.
Swiper no 110kB (JS)
19kB (CSS)
yes Most complex plugin with fantastic effects.

If you need to use one plugin for both, slider and carousel, all mentioned support this feature. Lory is actually more carousel than slider plugin.

Image thumbnails are available in lightSlider (with help of lightGallery), Slippry and Swiper.


In Swiper you find everything and even more than you would expect. But it is really heavy if you need take into consideration the size.

Slippry is a good choice, lightweight, with everything you need. The only disadvantage is missing swipe support.

What about you? Which plugin do you prefer?