What Is The Best JavaScript/jQuery Carousel Plugin?

Compare some of the popular carousel plugins to choose the right one for your next project.

Carousel feature is often part of slider plugins, if you need both. If you don’t choose in this comparison, take a look at slider table.

Criteria are similar to sliders:

  • all plugins are responsive
  • touch gestures support is compared
  • the cost is 0, free to use

JavaScript/jQuery Carousel Plugins Comparison

Name Dependency Size Swipe Note
ItemSlide no 11kB (JS) yes Docs are messy, specific carousel, not for common use.
jCarousel jQuery 18kB (JS) yes
Heavy configuration needed, if advanced features (e.g.swipe) necessary
Owl Carousel jQuery / Zepto 42kB (JS)
3kB (CSS)
yes Url hash navigation is nice setting.
Siema no 12kB (JS)  yes Implementations ready for Angular, React and Vue.
Slick jQuery 42kB (JS)
2kB (CSS)
yes Autoplay, center mode, variable width options available


Firstly, in the carousel world, plugins dependent on jQuery look much better. They have more options, easy implementation and precise documentation.

Especially Slick has very rich and clean docs with plenty of different settings at your service.

Finally, in pure JavaScript Siema looks good. It is tiny, with only a couple of pre-build options, but easily extented. For more complex cases maybe Swiper from sliders comparison would fit your needs.

Do you use some other carousel plugin?