About me

My specialization is frontend development, especially PSD to HTML coding. But thanks to the experience with PHP Laravel framework or WordPress, I am more or less full stack developer.

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New Technologies, Frameworks, Tools

I like to follow new technologies and workflow, that is why I write a code in a completely different way I did before…

Once upon a time, there was a necessity to write a CSS code for old IE browsers like:

.container { zoom:1; }

or even target concrete version:


.nav > li > a { *padding:0 5px; }


@media \0screen {
    .nav > li > a { padding:0 5px; }

Writing CSS was like copy-pasting previous selector and create new one with proper styles:

.category-box { padding-top: 35px; padding-bottom: 24px; background: #4d4d4d; color: #fff; }
.category-box section { position: relative; }
.category-box section:hover { color: #aac80a; }
.category-box section:hover img { display: none; }
.category-box section:hover img.hover { display: inline-block; }

Time has changed, CSS pre-processors comes to the scene, JavaScript is not equivalent to jQuery anymore and task runner, package manager are nice tools to have.

Thanks to the developers worldwide, who spread their knowledge, I have solved so many problems with ease.

Now, it is time to contribute back with my little…